8 Useful Tips To Purchase A Tailored Suit

8 Useful Tips To Purchase A Tailored Suit

Opting for a tailored suit is a luxurious decision, but it can make you outstanding on important occasions. That’s why it is necessary to consider carefully every option and need before deciding. To help you with this sartorial experience, here are eight useful tips to purchase a tailored suits by Signature Sydney.

Tailored Suit

1. Plan your budget

Though it is impossible to buy a cheap tailored suit, some options can be more expensive than others. Thus, you need to plan the budget and determine how much you are willing to spend. Once you have figured this out, it is much simpler to do research and find a brand or model that falls into the price range.

2. Go for simplicity

If you are buying a tailored suit for the first time, it is better to choose classic tones such as grey or navy blue. Thanks to their versatility, you can wear these suits for a variety of occasions and have a great look at all time.

3. Aim for trimming

If possible, it is advisable to go for a flattering, slim fit. However, make sure that the tailored suit should not restrictive. Instead, you should pay attention to clean lines which flatter the body shape and allow for a free motion range. After all, you can’t appear confident if you don’t feel comfortable, which would pull off your clothing.

4. Choose the right fabric

Light worsted wool is probably the most versatile fabric for a tailored suit because you can wear it all year round. If you are buying a suit for the winter, then thicker and more insulating tweed, flannels, or wools could be better. For summer, it is advisable to go for breathable fabrics such as silk-blends, linen, or cotton, which can keep you always cool during the season.

5. Button up

A two-buttoned tailored suit is probably the best option for most occasions and events. It can create a formal look to make you stand out from the crowd. While one-buttoned and three-buttoned suits are also a good choice, you should be careful in mixing and matching with other items for the best look.

6. Lapels

The decision on a lapel can have a significant impact on the look of your tailored suit. Notch lapels are often a failsafe choice while peak lapels can be more flamboyant because they channel lots of Italian flairs.

7. Shoulders

Soft shoulders without padding are ideal options for warm seasons because they deliver unmatched comfort and enhanced motion range. Padded shoulders, on the other hand, can create a compelling look, making them great for the boardrooms.

8. Understand the body type

If you are slim and tall, do not choose a tailored suit which can be too fitted. Shorter men should choose slim trousers with minimal breaks to create an illusion of greater height. And those people with a muscular build should avoid a cropped cut or padded shoulders.


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